How do you get an Aircraft Carrier into a two car garage?

USS Saratoga CVA60

Displacement: 56,000 tons

Length: 1,063 feet

Beam: 130 feet 4 inches; extreme width: 252 feet

Draft: 37 feet

Speed: 33 knots

Complement: 3,826 crew

Armament: 4 5- inch guns

Aircraft: 70 to 90

Class: Forrestal

The sixth Saratoga (CV-60) was laid down on 16 December 1952 by the New York Naval

Shipyard, New York City, N.Y.; launched on 8 October 1955; sponsored by Mrs. Charles S.

Thomas; and commissioned on 14 April 1956, Capt. R. J. Stroh in command.

For the next several months, Saratoga conducted various engineering, flight, steering, structural,

and gunnery tests. On 18 August, she sailed for Guantanamo and her shakedown cruise. On 19

December, she reentered the New York Naval Shipyard and remained there until 28 February

1957. Upon completion of yard work, she got underway on a refresher training cruise to the

Caribbean before entering her home port, Mayport, Fla


Answer... Well first you call in the Marines....

So I call up Red Burdett because he's the only guy I know with a truck and trailer big enough to haul this beauty

After hauling her around town to show some of our fellow VETS we just put her in the garage after I move Juniors Drum Kit.

Also had to move my Trike out back to the shop. Fit's nicely even in my small Garage/Office eh?

This is the Creation of a Korean/Vietnam Navy Vet named Ed Torres who still rides at 75 Years of Age!

I've just gotta get it tuned up and dialed in. Seems it fouls plugs and wobbles.

The Saratoga has a storied history as she has seen 6 iterations over the years. But the beauty of this ship is the dedication of the creator who bought the side hack rig from his Son and turned it into this rolling tribute to the Saratoga and her crew over the years. I'll just finish the story now and post the rest of the pictures I took today. Soon I'll put up links to the Saratoga web site on this page. As for now I gotta get her ready for the Vets Park Ceremony this Saturday for POW/MIA recognition day.

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